Book mockups
These are mockups of different book/magazine covers. This was a Photoshop exercise to practice combining image and type to make effective cover designs.

Mockup album cover
Photoshop exercise working with templates to make a realistic and presentable album cover design.

Subject is "Whole Lotta Red" by Playboi Carti.

Gucci ads
Photoshop exercise making mock advertisements for a chosen company. I combined existing imagery, type and color to make designs consistent with Gucci's aesthetic.

Etsy Annual Report
This was a project where the goal was to make our own version of an annual report for Etsy's business.

I used appropriate typefaces and colors to mimick Etsy's branding.

Nintendo infographic booklet
This was a project to make an infographic booklet on a chosen topic. I made a booklet that went over the history of Nintendo and their financial highlights.

I used Illustrator to make minimal illustrations of Nintendo's consoles and handhelds.